I have been interested in saltwater aquariums for quite a while, but until recently I never actually owned a saltwater tank.  I bought my first tank about 3 years ago, a Biocube 29 and fell in love with the hobby.  I loved that tank, but it was too small.  I learned that the smaller the tank is, the more difficult it is to maintain.  I also couldn't have the fish I really wanted.  About 2 years ago I moved up to a bigger tank, a Red Sea Max 250, a 70 gallon tank.  This is much easier to take care of and maintain water quality.  I got the fish I wanted and loved it.

Once I got the new tank I found out you can just have so many fish.  Not all fish get along and having too many fish is unhealthy for the tank.  I became interested in stocking my tank with corals.  I started with a few corals, which I purchased from my LFS, and they weren't cheap!  I discovered that the local fish stores also did not have a variety of corals to chose from.  One store that I had frequented seemed to only have brown colored coral!  I began searching online for more colorful coral and found a greater variety.  I bought coral from a couple of sites and as satisfied, but soon became bored with the choices.  I then recently discovered a new site called . This site is quite a bit different than most of the other sites, in that they only sell corals, no fish and part of their mission is to save our vanishing coral reefs by selling only aqua-cultured corals.  KevCoral is not a large business offering massive quantities of coral, but a small ecocentric company offering corals at a reasonable price. I mentioned previously that they only sell corals and no fish, but they do sell tee shirts and other items for the coral hobbyist to show off their love of corals.  I have already placed an order for some coral, as well as a tee shirt.  It's my way of supporting a new coral business and helping to save our coral reefs, while at the same time enhancing the beauty of my reef tank.  I strongly suggest you check out KevCoral if your are interested in corals for your reef tank or if you want to help save our coral reefs.

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