Shed Pal, a Waste of Money

    I rarely purchase items which I have seen advertised on Facebook, but this item was intriguing.  We have two dogs that shed constantly and we have been looking for a way to reduce this shedding.  The "Shed Pal" was advertised as an "incredible cordless pet vac".  It was touted as a "mess-free way to control shedding".  The tool is made of plastic and has a collection cup which is supposed to collect the dog hair "as you groom".  The package describes the Shed Pal as being for long and short hair pets, including cats and dogs.  It also says it has a quiet motor. The unit is battery operated and made in China

    Upon receipt of the Shed Pal I put in 3 brand new AA batteries, which were not included.  I tried it to see how quiet the motor was. It wasn't too loud. I then tried it on one of my dogs. Surprisingly she wasn't afraid of the sound. I groomed the dog for a few minutes and not one single hair was picked up in the collection canister!  I then tried it on some very small scraps of paper and once again nothing was picked up!  There is not enough suction to pick up dust, much less pet hairs!  

    In conclusion I would say that the Shed Pal is a complete waste of money as it is a useless piece of crap.  I certainly do not recommend it to anyone!

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