Amazon Prime and Ebay.

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    I try to shop local for much of what I buy for the house, but often times the items I am looking for are not available locally or they are much more expensive than online. Since I have a number of pets and I have a saltwater aquarium for a hobby, the prices I find at are much more affordableFor these orders I use  Amazon Prime. The cost of Amazon Prime is $99 per year and  I find that reasonable since myself and other members of the family order from Amazon quite often and we really enjoy the free next day shipping. I also find that when I am looking for certain hard to find items Amazon will have them. I would highly recommend Amazon Prime for anyone who does a lot of online shopping.

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    I quite occasionally  use Ebay, in addition, for some items that cannot be easily found online or locally. I sometimes buy live corals for my aquarium, as there is a large selection here and cheaper prices than the local fish stores. I always look for the sellers who offer free shipping. I also occasionally  buy Chaeto, which is a type of macro-algae that helps in control of  green hair algae in the tank.  Another interest  of mine is collecting Native American photos, paintings and artifacts which I can find on Ebay.  

   Other than these two sites, I do try to buy locally for household items. I enthusiastically recommend and Ebay, if you can't find what you want in your area.

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