Algae Fix for Hair Algae Problems

    Hair algae is a big problem for anyone who keeps a saltwater tank and one that can be quite devastating to any kind of marine aquarium.  I have been keeping saltwater fish for a bit over a year now and have had at least 2 very serious algae blooms that killed of a number of fish and corals.  I have used the advice found on various reef and saltwater forums to help combat the dreaded hair algae problem.  I have also relied heavily on my local fish store for advice and help.  Most online forums emphasize the need for frequent water changes and keeping phosphate levels at 0.  I do biweekly water changes and that usually keeps my phosphates and other perimeters where they should be.  But just in the past month or so, for some reason my phosphates began to rise to 0.25, while nitrates and ammonia were 0.  As this happened the hair algae began to slowly bloom.  I used Phosban and phosphate absorbing sponges, but nothing changed.  My local fish store, as well as some online forums  recommended API Algae Fix every 3 days to control the algae.  I manually removed the hair algae with a toothbrush and cleaned the live rock, along with water changes. I then began using API Algae Fix as directed, but the algae keeps growing. I admit that there is a good amount of dead algae along with the fresh growth. My snails and algae eating blennies don't seen to be interested in doing their job and eating the algae

    What is depressing is that two new fish have died, which before they disappeared seemed quite healthy.  Yesterday I did another water change, picked off algae from the gravel and vacuumed it, scrubbed the live rock and adjusted the protein skimmer in hopes of destroying the hair algae.  I know many reviewers swear by Algae Fix, while others say that it has no affect.  As for me I am not sure if it very slowly helping my algae situation or it is of no help at all.   At this time I will neither recommend Algae Fix nor deny that it is useless.  I will give it another month to see what happens. Stay tuned!

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